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Have you ever heard of upcycling? It’s about creating something new out of old objects, seemingly unusable things

to a new life cycle. Turn old into new. This goes hand in hand with environmental protection and, who would have thought it, even an increase in the value of the original material.

Perhaps today we are more sensitive to the issues such as waste, energy conservation, sustainability. Bringing out something new, beauty from the old, creativity from the new.

Conjuring up new life is an art. The first time I came into direct contact with this “subject” was when I lived in India. One day, on the way home,

I threw my crocheted, no longer “presentable” bag into a trash can.

Two mornings later, when the caretaker of my apartment block stopped me to return the bag, sewn, refurbished and given new life, I realized for the first time,

what it means not only to have “nothing”, but also to value old things, to awaken my creativity, to use it and to be able to experience the immediate satisfaction when

I could then create something very special with it.

Today, twenty years later, upcycling has become a real trend even for those who can afford more than just one bag.

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