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What does creative business actually mean?

Is it a design, creative approach that wants to create something new or original that is also useful and usable, or is it a well-considered approach to a clever sales strategy that entices you to buy something you don’t need but suddenly moves into your desires?

Don’t we see this every day when we just go shopping at Migros or Coop, etc.? The most delicious things are placed at the cash register. Has it also happened to you that the “coveted” item then suddenly ended up in your basket?

This got me thinking. Recently, when I was looking through the statistics of our sold palms, it fell like scales in front of my eyes. The palm that we sold the most was the one called “Fortuna”. What did this name “unconsciously” trigger in our customers? Is this creative business now? Or have we created an identification with something desirable that everyone strives for in life? Luck and again luck.

Or how do you see it?

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