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Travel advice La Gomera, the most original of the Canary Islands

Hunting palm trees

If you too love quieter places that are not very touristy and still to be discovered, then the island of La Gomera is for you.

Far from the mass tourism of the other Spanish islands, La Gomera is an idyllic place, also to get closer to yourself.

Running enthusiasts, yoga practitioners get their money’s worth. The island is also something for loners, curious, alternative. Not for nothing is the island among the

Dropouts known for it. La Gomera a place of inspiration, dreams and hopes.

But what inspired us most about this place is nature.

“With about 120,000 specimens, it makes La Gomera the island with the most palm trees in the archipelago”.

The most famous is probably the date palm.

Besides the evergreen cloud forest, there are numerous flowers and plants:

– Gale tree (Myrica faya), Tree heather (Erica arborea), Montpellier cistus (Cistus monspeliensis), Endemic broom (Adenocarpus foliolosus, Chamaecytisus proliferus), Laurel family (Lauraceae),Sade tree (Juniperus turbinata)Canary bellflower (Canarina canariensis)

A place we recommend to those who want to discover more and have time to devote to the discovery of fauna and flora.

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