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The Chinese Hemp Palm (Trachycarpusfortunei)

Chinese hemp palm is originally from Asia and grows to heights of up to 4 meters. They like a sunny location, grow upright and have a slender, unbranched trunk. The fronds/fans grow out of the top of the trunk. In the tub, the palm reaches a height of two to four meters, and his fans are up to one meter long. The palms grow in an umbrella shape.

Because the robust palm copes just as well with marine climates as it does with high-altitude air, Trachycarpus fortunei has now established itself even in Europe.

Chinese hemp palm does not tolerate prolonged drought. Waterlogging also does not get her. Therefore, it should be watered abundantly and evenly. It is important that your root ball is saturated with moisture all the way to the bottom.

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