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Moving rituals

Old or abandoned houses that remind us of their origin are somehow fascinating,

they speak for themselves. Then one day they are transformed and ready to receive new energies and stories.

Are you aware that when you move to a new/different house, you will be confronted with the energies of the previous occupants?

For better or for worse? In order not to leave your own energies in the walls, a ritual could help. Trust your instincts,

what this ritual could look like. In this way you can say goodbye in a good way, thank the house that you were allowed to live in it, face what was

remember with appreciation and let go of the old.

Do the same in the new location. Welcome the new environment, give thanks for being welcomed here and share your own story

may write, inaugurate your transition into this newness in a very personal ritual act. We wish you all the best for this.

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