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Palms info

You order – we deliver personally within 3 to 7 days, nationwide.

Each palm tree is unique. Also the hemp palm.

This one thrives the best:

The right time for planting:

In order to regrow new and strong leaves, it is advisable to cut off the flowers in the spring. This also prevents the seeds of the palm from being carried on uncontrollably by the birds.

Plant the hemp palm in the garden or on your balcony between the end of March and June. Kantaro offers you, in addition to the sale of the palm tree and delivery to your garden/balcony, also the planting

With a matching decorative edging of the bed, the palm tree becomes a real eye-catcher.

Our customers have sent us pictures, let them inspire you, tell us your wishes. We are pleased.

Home plant palm howea forsteriana tree in a jute pot on a white background. Hobbies and urban garden