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Other services

Palm tree rental for occasions

Vacation at home, how does it work?

You can rent palm trees from us for your occasion; for birthdays, family celebrations, weddings, housewarming events, new business openings, yoga seminars, etc.

And in addition: we deliver the palm tree directly to the desired location by appointment and pick up the palm trees after your event.

Vacation at home, how does it work?

By simply bringing southern flair and vacation atmosphere to your home. With a beautiful palm tree in the garden or on the roof terrace. Smaller palm trees can even fit on your balcony.

A palm tree will lift your mood. Imagine the wind gently brushing through the fans of the palm tree and the sun soothingly warming your face.

Multi-Cultural Friends At Home Sitting At Table Enjoying Food At Summer Garden Party

And in addition...

Don’t feel like tidying up and cleaning? Did the guests leave any mess behind? No problem, we also take care of the cleaning or the tidying up after the event. Contact us for a quote!

Decorative garden design with stones

Kantaro garden design is a decorative eye-catcher, simple in its beauty.

We offer you, in addition to planting the palm trees, also the matching decoration.

Give your plants a beautiful setting. With white gravel, pieces of rock and other small stones, effectively placed light sources you put your plantsimmediately in the eye of the beholder.

We use for your garden beds, for your driveways and garden paths the white marble gravel Bianco di Carrara which comes from the famous marble quarry“Massa Carrara” from Italy.

The noble and elegant natural stone is considered both in Italy and abroad as the Italian marble par excellence.

Currently we are in the process of designing new optical decoration patterns. Call us, we will be happy to present you our new ideas.

Of course, we can also get other types of stones for you upon request.