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Our home of the future

In the last two years, our usual way of working has changed quite a bit. More and more people have had to or have acquired a taste for working from the home office. Today the office is at home. The advantages are obvious. No daily need for a car, lower costs for gasoline or public transport, no expensive meals, no extra costs for office space needs, more flexible working hours. In fact, after all, the sale of desks and office furniture has also boomed recently. In the future, everything will certainly be even more uniform and multifunctional, just think of artificial intelligence, which is on the rise.

We, Kantaro, have also changed our habits. It’s time to reorganize and reinvent. Even if this involves certain risks, it is still about our own future and not least about the future of all of us.

Those who have recently jumped on this bandwagon surely ask themselves from time to time: How can I work from home with the highest possible quality? Our advice is to focus on a minimalist style, both in the furnishings and in the organization of the office. Light also plays an important role.

I personally love open, bright rooms where everything is clearly structured and has its place. When you are about to plan a new home, do not forget that the world is constantly changing, and with it its needs. First of all, our priorities.

We shape the future and decide how we want to work in five or ten years. Therefore, think big, be bold, and always leave an empty space ahead that can later be defined in its function and inserted into the new context. In the future, we will all be “freer”. Much will take place and be done from home. Home is becoming more important than ever, it pays to set the course now.

Another goal will be to reconnect with nature, doing so with the utmost respect for it. The well-being of our society will depend on it.

Making money will take a back seat. New free energy sources and new technologies will be available to us, let us work more freely. Workplaces will change.

We firmly believe in it – because we are already living this reality.

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