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Our top destinations:

Italy, Greece, France and Spain

Are you planning to emigrate?

Leaving everything behind, moving abroad is always a decisive step, which requires careful planning. and organization is required. It is therefore advisable to set up the move about a year in advance.

The bureaucracy involved should not be underestimated. Customs regulations, entry requirements of the new country must be observed, required documents are to be provided. We will help you, contact us with confidence.

We have traveled a lot and know the hurdles and obstacles before and on site.

Kantaro offers you a tailor-made consulting/moving service. You can count on timely delivery of your moving goods from A to B.

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Consulting for travel abroad


After a non-binding assessment of your removal goods at your home, we will provide you with a customized removal quote including. Consulting.

with the following services:

Packing service

Our team will pack your belongings professionally, ensure that valuable items are handled prudently and with the utmost care.

In short, the safe and careful loading of your furniture, your entire household goods, is a matter of honor for us.
Packaging material

We provide you with a well-stocked assortment of packaging materials.

Customs formalities

We take care of the transit procedure. The two most commonly used transit methods are T1 and T2.

Moving goods can be imported duty and tax free in the vast majority of countries. Note that depending on the destination country, there are deadlines for duty-free import. When leaving Switzerland, an inventory list must be presented at customs with all items to be transported, provided with name, address and signature, incl. an export declaration If the transport is through several countries, the T1 mentioned above is issued.

We will be happy to take care of these papers and advise you in several languages.

Plan your emigration one year in advance

What should be done abroad?

A new start abroad is associated with various administrative hurdles.

There are reporting requirements to be observed and complied with:

1. deregistration in Switzerland

Anyone who moves abroad for more than three months, gives up their accommodation and does not intend to return to Switzerland in the foreseeable future must deregister with their municipality of residence.

2. Registration in the new state

Swiss nationals who are deregistered with the Swiss municipality of residence must register with the competent Swiss representation abroad (embassy or consulate). The registration has to be done within 90 days after deregistration to a foreign country.

3. documents abroad

If you want to live and work abroad, you must first inquire at the embassy of the country in question or a consulate about the applicable entry and residence regulations for Swiss nationals.

Depending on the country, various documents must be obtained, and often translated and notarized.

There is the possibility to keep the Swiss health insurance abroad, resp. to remain insured. The health insurance company will be happy to provide you with a quote in this regard.


Ambasciata Svizzera, Via Barnaba Oriani 61, 00197 Roma


Embassy +39 06 809 571


Consolato generale di Svizzera, Via Palestro 2, 20121 Milano


Sede centrale +39 02 77 79 161

Embassy of Switzerland
Iassiou 2
115 21 Athens


Head office +30 210 723 03 64
Head office +30 210 723 03 65
Head office +30 210 723 03 66

Ambassade de Suisse
142, rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris


Standard +33 1 49 55 67 00

Embajada de Suiza
C/ Núñez de Balboa 35A, 7°
Edificio Goya
28001 Madrid


Head office +34 91 436 39 60

Consulate général de Suisse
6 Zachary Street
VLT1131 Valletta


Head office +356 21 24 41 59

Embassy of Switzerland
Atatürk Bulvari 247
06680 Kavaklidere, Ankara


Head office +90 312 457 31 00

Head office +90 312 467 11 99