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K flower beds for people with limited time resources

Who does not enjoy a beautiful garden, whose beds are not only well-groomed, but automatically attract the eyes of the beholder, true eye-catchers.

Our customers complain time and again that they don’t have the time.

Originally, the garden was born out of man’s need to put an end to his nomadic nature and the need to be able to provide for his livelihood.

Actually, we are nomads again today, albeit more in digital terms. Contact with nature has been largely lost, and yet there remains this quiet longing for originality, naturalness, something like “back to the roots”. The green, the seasonally changing colors of nature exert a calming effect on our sometimes hectic daily lives.

Let us help you.

The Kantaro Mini Garden

We design “flower circle beds” for your palms/trees.

We decorate them with white pebbles, put perennial green bushes, provide your favorite flowers with the right soil and then effectively set the whole thing with light sources.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to decoratively implement your wishes.

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