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Everbloomers in the garden

Iberis Sempervirens, or evergreen bow flower “Snowflake” called,is a perennial, non-invasive perennial that does not require much care. Delightfully thrives in sunny places in a well-drained soil, tirelessly blooms and is not afraid of winter.

Elegant in appearance, it is ideally suited for bed borders, rock gardens, stone joints, wall tops.

This year’s winter was particularly mild. We could therefore fully enjoy their white beauty all the time.

Iberis can also thrive in a vase, preferably in a terra cotta container.

However, any flower or plant, first of all, needs our attention.

Therefore, I do not limit myself exclusively to given planting advice.

Try out other ways intuitively some of the time. It also happens that I have a dialogue with the plants and flowers. Could it be that this is also why they bloom so beautifully?

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