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Be self-sufficient, our desired goal

Do you always know what all the foreign substances are in our food? Many times we have a queasy feeling about eating something that is meant to be consumed

The longer the more, at least as far as the avoidance of toxins, foreign substances, plastic waste is concerned.

This year we want to increase our piece “Eden”. Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible with fruits and vegetables, without toxins and foreign substances.

It is the end of February, the earth is calling. We have started to get the garden tools in shape, tidying up, cleaning and, what gives us great pleasure, making a list of the vegetables and fruits,

which we want to plant, nota bene, organic. We also have new ideas on how to make the most of the area of the garden to work in it practically. For this purpose, a small excavator comes to our aid.

Did you know that Kantaro also offers garden design as a service? We will help you with our ideas, starting from planting the palm tree and ending with garden design.

Do you also have a dream for your garden? We will help you to realize it.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on how our self-sufficiency project is doing.

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