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Moving / Züglete abroad (Europe)

Our services at a glance

Private move / company move / packing and unpacking service / furniture assembly and disassembly / furniture transport / furniture lift / clearance & disposal / renovation work / cosmetic repairs / gardening work

Smiling senior couple white-haired embraced during relocation, with moving boxes on the floor

Whether by telephone or in person, we will advise you free of charge and make you a tailor-made offer according to your wishes.

Whether you need only furniture transport or full service incl. How you want your items to be wrapped does not matter. We adapt our offer to your needs and budget possibilities.

We will move your office, pack all your belongings professionally and with the utmost care. We also disassemble and reassemble USM furniture.

Especially when moving abroad or if you do not have time, we offer this extra service. After a non-binding appointment, we will plan the entire packing effort and determine the necessary number of moving boxes, respectively. Wrapping material.

The effort involved is often underestimated. Leave this to us. We have the expertise, manual dexterity and experience to do it.

Do you have a very heavy sofa that is difficult to fit in the stairwell? Or would you like to move your plants and vases to your roof terrace? Furniture lift service is also offered as a single service, whether you are moving or not.

We dissolve entire households, as well as their clearance. Dispose of everything properly in the designated landfills of the canton.

When you hand over your apartment, there are usually minor renovations to be done, such as mending holes, etc. We will do it for you.

We put the finishing touches to your apartment, correct any disharmonies and also take care of apartment handovers.

Are you moving to a retirement home? Would you like to clear the apartment and not leave this work to your children? Or are you moving away and just don't want to take everything with you? We also offer this service as a single package, whether you move with us or not.

We take care of recurring minor works resp. Cleaning of your terrace / balcony at the beginning and end of the season, incl. Repot plants.